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Journeyman III

Artifact when Radeon Enhanced Sync is on

Hello everyone,

I got my new 6800xt 3 weeks ago and in the days following I started to have artifact in my game, you can see it with this video

I fixed the problem by turning off Radeon Enhanced Sync and since then (8 - 9 days) I didn't get the artifacts at all. So now I'm wondering, is it a software problem or my gpu is defective? Is there a solution to be able to use enhanced sync without this kind of artifact? Maybe I just should wait for new driver. Interesting fact, when enhanced sync is on and the problem occur, turn the game in fullscreen seems to "fix" the problem. It occur way less often and it's less intense/big.

What do you think?

My specs :

CPU : 5800x

GPU : 6800xt reference

MB : ROG STRIX B550-A Gaming

SSD : Samsung 980 PRO 1TB

RAM : 4X8 Crucial Ballistix 3600mhz

Main Monitor : LG 27GL850



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