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Journeyman III

are my Radeon VII broken?

first of all this is my spec :

cpu   : i7 8700k

motherboard   : asus z390i

ram   : corsair dominator 32gb

ssd   : 970 evo 512gb

psu   : corsair 650w

driver : 19.11.1

and here is my condition with radeon vii :

1.radeon vii fluk, apex 4.pnggame : apex legend ( about 15 minutes test run )

i suppose to get around 140-150 fps (Apex Legends AMD RADEON VII | 1080p - 1440p & (4K) 2160p | FRAME-RATE TEST - YouTube )

but i only get around 55-60 fps.

2. im not expert by any means, but if i see other people Radeon VII in youtube like the links above. their gpu clock are stable and higher than mine.

3. this is brand new pc i built from my self.

now the question :

1. are my gpu broken / defect?

2. what is the solution besides RMA?

thx before

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Big Boss

Re: are my Radeon VII broken?

drivers for the Radeon VII are known to be slow. it may take some time for them to stabilize

Adept I

Re: are my Radeon VII broken?

i would start by going into your bios first and making sure your ram speeds timings are correct or you can download cpu-z and check to make sure its good lets see some ss's ty hope its not a problem with your card

Adept I

Re: are my Radeon VII broken?

slso seems like you have vsync enable with only 60hz refresh rate monitor thats possibly why you only see 60 fps my card hist the same mhz as your but i get around 200 fps in pubg and apex