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Journeyman III

Application windows are solid black and are unusable

It all started after I turned on my laptop out of necessity after some time. I need it for work and of course to play some games in free time. So I installed this game (Shop Titans) and played it that day. The next day when launching it would crash and give me an error log where it said:

"atidxx32.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
  in module atidxx32.dll at 0023:65c628d2."

After I installed the latest Radeon Adrenalin update for my RX560x for my Laptop the game got fixed. But my applications started acting weird. All browsers except Internet Explorer when opened were just solid black. Nothing else can be seen. Unless I could press right click somewhere or open the option dropdown menu. But anything I guess rendering in the browser window was just solid black. I should note that I could still press all the buttons and features like it is working normally. Including minimize, max and exit, anything in the window basically. Just that it's, again, plain black.

Same issue affected steam. When opened the main Steam window has the text menus on top and that's it. When I pressed anything (but download) it would not change anything but have an un-rendered window below it in a plain color.

I thought it was the windows update so I updated to latest since I didn't use the laptop. Gave it a restart-

And instead of fixing the issue it just affected more applications. Now I cant even use Discord. Same solid black issue.

I gave Adrenalin a factory reset but it didn't help.

If anyone could please help me in any way I would be thankful more than you can imagine.

Thank you in advance.