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Journeyman III

Apex Legends Lag

Apex Legends is lagging.  I have Ryzen 9 5900x and Radeon 6800.  I don't see a reason for this to lag, I have the newest drivers.  When I get into a gun fight the game starts to lag.  It is not a connection with my network either I have ran many speed tests.  Wondering what the issue could be????

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Adept I

Same problem with 5700xt

Likewise, 5700 xt hasn't been what I expected. I understand it's a newer card (2 years) but still fairly poor for mainstream games

Adept III

It happens to me as well on Apex. I lags because you probably don't have Freesync on, on Adrenaline, but if you turn it on, the screen will begin to flicker cause its a known issue on the drivers.

What I did was I followed this tutorial, to make it smooth as possible and its a night-day difference. Just make sure your card can achieve the desired FPS that you want to for the refresh rate, if not, lower the graphics settings on the game. Now my game is smooth as butter until AMD decides to fix the Freesync issue. Keep us posted




Capping FPS either via game launch options or Riva did just make my game fluctuate in a different FPS rage t.i.:

no cap - 140-240 fps

with cap - <100 - 144 fps

Game still looks like crap, image sharpening even on 2k makes it in my opinion even worse, lags, frame skips, stutters... only option is freesync but then again input lag become so noticeable that it negates any benefits of potential smoothness.

Sad to see that games nowadays are coded in preference to a certain manufacturer and other(s) can't or do not do anything about it and then complain that there is monopoly in the market.