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Journeyman III

Anyone using oculus link Quest 2 with RX 570?

I have a Quest 2 and I'm using oculus link with the official cable and an RX 570 GPU, but my PC has been freezing/crashing.

Does anyone also have an RX 570 GPU and uses oculus link without problems?

The problem I get is when playing games or watching VR videos (I'm using the Deo VR app) my computer freezes, I get a black screen and have to restart my PC. In games it's like after 10 to 30 minutes, but with VR videos it's normally just after about 2 minutes.

I did some analysis by creating windows crash dumps with CTRL + SCROLL LOCK ( and analysing them with WinDbg, and I think there's a a timeout in GPU operations (TDR:

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