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Journeyman III

Anyone else getting error GW502 with Gears 5?

Rx 480 8 Gb 19.9.2 Beta

Windows 10 last build

tried to low everything but still have same issue

game is installed on ssd

game crashing randomly after 5-20 min with this error 

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Re: Anyone else getting error GW502 with Gears 5?

Found this Website that gives tips on troubleshooting the various Errors you get including GW502: How to fix frequent Gears 5 errors on PC and Xbox 

At a Reddit Thread someone mentioned about not overclocking the GPU card which fixed his GW502 error.

From Microsoft XBOX Support: 

Try installing a Previous RX480 Driver and see if the problem is fixed from here: 

Do you have the latest Gears 5 patches installed? or the latest version of the game?

From searching your GW502 error it seems to be a very popular and common error since most links are from this year.  This seems to me to indicate it might be more of a Microsoft issue (XBOX or Windows)  or  Gears 5 game issue then a Graphic Driver issue since it also is occurring with Nvidia GPU Cards.

Journeyman III

Re: Anyone else getting error GW502 with Gears 5?

is new radeon software going to fix this issue?

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Adept II

Re: Anyone else getting error GW502 with Gears 5?

So do you have issues with Gears 5, like crashes or BSOD? sadly the game is the faulty, I have Ryzen 5 1600 and GTX 1070 and It crashes too.

I did a full post explaining all. TC never replied me. No matter if I have the latest drivers, Windows, game patches, etc. Is the same sh!@#t

Game crashes, freezes, error GW502, BSOD... A disaster - Gears 5 - Gears Forums