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Adept I


I have a solution I have posted a detailed reply on a different site, that you can probably get from my other posts but I don't wanna get flagged for spam so I removed it from this one :D

but I will try and reexplain it in a textual format here, but it is dependent on a particular error, I was running with a complete system but I formatted fresh to be absolutely certain that it wasn't a different app causing a conflict. check your event logs and look for any DCOM errors,

Also, I was fine, with the windows basic VGA drivers that came with Windows 10 20H2, but as soon as I installed the ATI drivers, and I tried going all the way back to version 2019 any further and I had compatibilities issues or it wouldn't install. I went version by version. The Window Basic driver allowed me to run two screens but I needed three.


*** Verification Step - You Can Skip this, but it's better to make sure****

If you find them, clear the log and try and replicate the crash. Then check the log for another similar Dcom issue.

*** Verification Step - You Can Skip this, but it's better to make sure****


On Windows it's EventLog ---> Windows Logs ---> System 

Go to start ---> type "Component Services"

In Component Services in the left-hand panel showing the Console Root tree

Click on the plus sign to expand the branch that says  "Component Services"

and click on the next plus sign beneath that says "Computers"

In the Middle panel/pane right-click on "My Computer" to open up the Context Menu and select properties 

In the "My Computers Properties" Window, select the tab "Default Properties"

Unselect Enable COM Internet Services on this Computer

Unselect Enable Distributed COM Services on this computer

 Click OK and  restart

PS: This does NOT disable your internet, DCOM and COM is part of an old archaic system, that is rarely used in a home computer environment.

If you're in a server/client environment, check with your system administrator first to see if disabling this will affect any services or legacy services that you might connect to.


n FYI AMD, if you're reading this... A simple script or prompt in your software installation, telling users that your drivers or software are buggy and will conflict with DCOM and prompting them to allow you to disable it. Would like solve so many issues, as I tried every single one of your driver versions, this is an archaic problem.  It's not rocket science, however as an End-user. When I buy a product developed by someone else, I don't wish to spend my days debugging errors. I do that at work.  I do that as I develop but sometimes :) I just wanna chill and play a decent game.  Nvidia shutdowns the game during a crash, you killed my computer. I had to forcibly reboot so many times, my disk has sooo many errors I may as well just format and redownload from the cloud.

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