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Journeyman III

any fixes?

The games selected are the only ones i have dowloaded at this moment, im sure that the issue would be prevelant with any game listed. Im running a ryzen 5 2600 and power color 5700xt and im not getting good perfomance at all. My frames while running ultra settings are exactally the same as they are while running settings in low. In rainbow six siege my frames on ultra range around 130 - 200 sometimes lower. When on low, they are the exact same. Counter stike ranges from 160 to 230, and on low its the exact same. Pubg is a literal joke. I dont know why im not getting better performance while being on substantially lower settings. the perfomrance doesnt change at all. its like it is locked to high. Ive checked many benchmarks with the same exact builds and their performances are substantially higher. Ive updated my bios, changed drivers, clean installed windows, tried 2 differnet motherboards, over clocked, under volted, overclocked and undervolted at the same time, changed power managment to high performace and nothing is working at all. For good measure, i even tested the silent bios on the gpu, still nothing. low settings and ultra settings continue to permit the same performance. My rx 580, (the gpu ive upgraded from has better frames rates in everygame listed besided fortnite. I dont know if its a compatibility issue with competitive shooters or bottleknecking from the cpu. I honestly just want and answere or course of action. I purchased this gpu to get better performance even if it is marginal, and it is worse. Please help. the perfromacne interms temp and sound is wonderful, im just not getting the perfomance im supposed to while running competetive settings. Ill also say that it is rare for me to hit 200 in rainbow six (sorry for not stating that earlier).