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Journeyman III

Another 5700 XT Flashing Black Screen

Hey All,


Below are my computer stats:


Ryzen 7 3700X CPU

MSI Gaming 5700XT GPU

MSI 570X Gaming Edge Wifi+ Motherboard

GSkill 3200hz 32gb ram

Corsair 750 watt PSU, brand new as of March.


MSI G241 144hz Monitor


No idea what to do, whenever I launch only specific games such as Borderlands 3, League of legends launcher there is a significant black flickering that happens and I cannot play the game.


This issue does not happen on other games such as CoD Modern Warfare 2019, Sea of Thieves, Resident Evil 3 Remake, etc.


I've tried updating to the latest version of my motherboard, safe mode DDU uninstalling and then reinstalling of the Radeon drivers. I am also currently on the latest version, 20.2.2. I have tried displayport vs hdmi and still no fix.


I have tried turning off all in game overlays, I have disabled freesync, additionally enhanced sync as well as any other graphics boosting AMD feature. At my wits end as to what I can try. Honestly I want to jump the fence onto the nvidia side when their new products launch because this card has been nothing but a pain from a driver standpoint since day one off this system build.


Please let me know what additional steps I can try before throwing this GPU out a window

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Adept I

hello cozy

I have kinda the same problem as yours not exactly the same ''black screen'' problem but still a black screen problem.

I don't know if that can help you but you have nothing to lose at trying ,that can maybe help another people with black screen.

What you can try is in your bios if you have a b450/x470 activate PCIe 3.0 or if you have a x570 activate PCIe 3.0 or 4.0 in default that setting is on ''auto'' i can't help more further for this.

A other thing is change your cable if you use a hdmi cable change it for a another one same if you use a display cable, you can try to plug the cable in a another hdmi/display port on your graphics card.

Try in the setting of your screen to disable freesync and re-enable or let it on disable.

The last thing you can try is in radeon setting:
click on setting(top right the cog thing), display, and the sixth option ''depth color'' i don't know the name in english sorry try to use 6 bcp.

After that i can't help you much further, try atleast to update at 20.4.2 nothing to lose