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Journeyman III

AMF/VCE specifications? (Interested in chroma sampling)

I already saw the topic here:Can AMD APP (VCE) encode in higher chroma subsampling? , but since two years have passed, I hoped that there could've been some change.

I personally have an RX 480, but a colleague has a Vega 64 and I'd be interested to know if the new VCE version included on there has got the possibility to record without chroma subsampling.

I can't really find AMD specifications which would mention the GPUs' capabilities towards video encoding either, i.e. on Radeon™ RX 480, nor even on Video Coding Engine - Wikipedia.

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Are you by any chance using OBS software. If you are then this website may be helpful: GitHub - Xaymar/obs-studio_amf-encoder-plugin: AMD Advanced Media Framework Encoder Plugin for Open ...

See if this website on AMF is helpful:


Thank you for replying.

I've looked through these links, but found nothing mentioning possible to be used chroma schemes.

I do use OBS Studio, but with the default plugin for AMF (I think it was forked from the Xaymar's version). While I have configured the colorspace to either RGB or I444 in the advanced settings + 709 set to full space, it still comes out as 4:2:0 chroma after the recorded video is saved.

Thus I thought there could be some sort of limit, since the encoder's settings do not have settings for the colorspace nor chroma.