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Journeyman III

amdkmdag.sys & ntoskrnl.exe & cache hierarchy error


I'm facing a problem with my computer. It freezes when I turn off and then after more than 20 minutes turn on two times in row then automatic repair isn't able to fix it and after clicking restart Windows starts normally. Also, when I choose restart from desktop it starts normally. DMP files are available at the link below together with event log of cache hierarchy error. My PC: Ryzen 3 3100, RX 5500 XT, MSI B450m-a pro max and 550w PSU. Noticable is that when I uninstall graphic driver my computer also turns off after few minutes. I'm running last non-beta bios and chipset drivers, and WHQL graphic driver from december 2020. In prime95 after 2 hours no errors and in realbench after 4 hours either. Windows reinstall didn't help. I'm going mad, please help me.