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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

amdgpu 18.40 driver ubuntu 18.04.1 vertical sync issue

Hi all,

I have RX 560 GPU & Linux Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS;

I've used legacy linux drivers earlier (mesa or something like that i believe) and everything worked fine.

However wanted to try out this new AMDgpu 18.40 driver for Ubuntu, downloaded it from your website and followed instructions.

Steam games seems to work fine (probably because they have their own video settings and i play them using Vulkan), but when using PC on daily bases (youtube, videos, scrolling web pages, etc..) my screen is tearing, like Vertical Sync is switched off.

Found few "suggestions" how to resolve it, but none of those are working.

So why don't I ask AMD directly, you guys know that for sure, right?

Also, 2 more things.

amdgpu-pro driver is giving me red squares across the screen, not working at all.

when are you planing to provide us with some GUI software like windows users have?

Can you please advise?

Best regards