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AMD Warranty does not support give aways

So, I won an AMD give away for a Radeon 6800 XT.. AMAZING!! I thought AMD is awesome..

I got the card.. Worked great for two weeks.. Then just crashes left and right.. Open a support ticket with them.

They tell me DDU install this version.. I do that.. Still crashing.. Send them tons of crash reports.

They tell me this seems hardware.. They will need to RMA it.. They ask for proof of purchase

I tell them I won it from THEM! (Not from some random company.. BUT AMD ITSELF, gave them the persons email from AMD that gave it to me)

They tell and I quote "please note warranty service is not applicable for the give away products"

Amazing.. So.. Basically AMD gives away garbage and hopes that is going to build brand loyalty? I have a 700$ card that is useless.. Wasted time installing and debugging all these issues.. If anything.. I have a very bad taste in my mouth from AMD...

I went from wow.. Pretty sure my next processor is going to be a Threadripper to I will never buy an AMD product EVER again, and will be sure to tell my friends the same.

It is weird how optics change how you feel about a company..

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AMD Warranty states that it is effective only by the Original Owner purchase.

Since you didn't purchase the GPU card and was given to you means that you are not the Original Owner of the GPU Card thus AMD Warranty is voided.

Try contacting the person who gave you the GPU card as an award from AMD and see if the can RMA your GPU card for you or give you an Official AMD Receipt that you are the Original Owner.

Otherwise you will need to pay to have your GPU card repaired.



No.. I guess I will just let it leave me a bad taste.. And just avoid AMD products.. 


I went to your Profile and saw you opened another AMD Forum thread -

On that thread you posted that you bought the GPU card and wasn't given to you by AMD

Screenshot 2021-02-23 110047.png

If you purchased the RX6800XT then you must have a Retailer/Vendor's Official Receipt showing you as the original Owner.

So I don't know why you told AMD Warranty that the GPU card was given to you as an award when you actually bought it yourself.

If you purchased the GPU card directly from AMD store than you can open a AMD Warranty but if you purchased the GPU card from a Retailer you must first wait until the Retailer's Return Date or Warranty ends before AMD Warranty goes into effect.

All you need is the Official Retailer or AMD Receipt proving you are the original Owner and then follow the direction on how to RMA your GPU Card.

I said I purchased it in that post because it is easier than explaining I won it from AMD. I do not have a purchase receipt for it. I just have the email of the guy from AMD <removed> who asked for my address and I gave it to him.. They then shipped me out this video card.

So alas looks like they just hand out garbage as give aways.


Okay, can you please explain in detail how AMD awarded you that very expensive GPU card ?

What was the promotion that you entered to be able to win that GPU Card?

You seemed to be vague about the AMD promotion details.

The reason why I ask is that this is the first time, at least here at AMD Forums, that I have heard of any Users winning any AMD hardware directly from AMD in a promotion.

Was it a promotion from another company that AMD was sponsoring with AMD hardware to give out?

Besides, if you got this expensive GPU card for free then it would be worth spending two or three hundred dollars to get it fixed. You can look at this way, you are still getting a $700.00 plus GPU card for $300.00 or less after repairs with a short term Warranty for the Repairs.

Well, it was part of a streaming event.. This is why I said I didnt want to bring this up.. Because people do this (What you are doing).. Rest assured it is from AMD from an AMD employee, they know it and I have proof of that.

And if I am going to pay money.. I might as well get a video card from a company that supports their goods.. 


Well I did find three AMD RX6800XT Giveaways.  None by AMD and all ended already.

One by Ultimate Gamer giving away a Gigabyte RX6800XT and one by with a Sapphire RX6800XT and last one giving away, I believe,  a AMD RX6800Xt from Global Game Awards.

I would first contact Gigabyte or Sapphire for Warranty if that is the GPU manufacturer of your free GPU card.

I don't know if one of the above was where you won your GPU card but you need to contact the Customer Service running the Promotion about how to get your GPU card repaired. Maybe send you a certificate that you are the original owner.

Doesn't matter which promotion it was. I would contact Customer Service promoting the giveaway and see how you can get a receipt or certificate for winning the GPU card.

Besides I don't know why you are being so secretive about who and how you won the GPU card. I doubt the Promotion has any contract the requires you to keep quiet unless it was illegal in nature.

When you are being secretive is because you have something to hide that will go against your case against AMD.

Also you were the one that opened this thread complaining about AMD and then being secretive about the whole situation.

What did  you expect. Many Users here would be interested, including myself, in knowing your experience with one of these Streaming promotions and would be interested in knowing about your problems with the GPU Card warranty.

You come here and open a thread bashing AMD when AMD is not really at fault. It is the Streaming website at fault for not giving you a receipt or documentation showing you are the original Owner or how to get Warranty service for your GPU Card.

The Streaming Promoters must of known the GPU card wouldn't be covered by AMD Warranty without some documentation showing that you are the original Owner. I am sure if AMD was part of the promotion they would have notified the promoter of that fact.


Once again, thanks for the response but this was like I said.. directly from AMD.. It was not from Gigabyte.. Nor from Sapphire.. It was from an AMD employee with an AMD email address for an AMD event.

I am not being secretive.. I have told you what it is.. I am not going to share a persons email address. Nor does it matter what it was.. It was a give away.. I won it.. 

And I didnt come here bashing AMD.. I came here venting my frustration with AMD for giving me an item.. And then not supporting it literally 1 month later.. 

And this is why I said I bought it instead of winning it.. What you are doing here.. Is just the reason why..


hi , it's funny but when i read you first post:

"going to be a Threadripper to I will never buy an AMD product EVER again"

it's not like you bought anything here...

so what are your crashes , why do you say you NEED rma ?



I need an RMA based on what support said in my ticket.

And you are not correct in your assumption.. I have bought AMD CPUs in the past as well I have bought other AMD products.. I just didnt buy that card.. 

I dont get why people seem like I am attacking their beliefs.. I am not.. I am not saying your AMD's are bad.. I am saying... I have now had bad support experience for an AMD device.. That has caused me considerable faith collapse in them as a company.. And posted here in hopes one of their support people would read it and understand it is not good business..

With that said.. I am not here to attack anyone else or to be attacked. I simply have said my customer experience story.. 


...still not saying what's the card problem ...



Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, Aorus gen4 1tb, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro..

Okay one thing I would like to clarify about a previous reply I made in this thread.

I thought since the OP received a free GPU card that Warranty was voided because the winner wasn't the original Owner- this was incorrect.

I mentioned this before OP clarified and said it was actually a AMD Free Giveaway event.

According to the Moderator it is because of a AMD rule/Regulation that AMD free giveaways aren't covered by AMD Warranty.


@elstaci AMD giveaway rules/whatever will NEVER be able to cancel out the rule of law. The moment a person owns (free or paid) a product of a certain company, the company is obligated by law to offer warranty for said product. Why? Because if that product catches fire, blows up and kills someone, the company is responsible for that product malfunction. Because if that product shorts out his system and fries the motherboard and CPU, the company is also responsible for that. You CANNOT give away products that lack conformity. As a company, you cannot simply "give" someone something. You issue an invoice with a 100% discount, in order to transfer the right of ownership to whomever you are "giving" the product to. Otherwise it's not a giveaway, it's a long term lease, in which case the company still has to issue paperwork documenting the lease. If the rules of said giveway waive the warranty, that IS ILLEGAL. Any exchange of product between a company and a third party(another company or a person) is an exchange of ownership, and the owner of a product is entitled to warranty, regardless of what some brain damaged marketing drone writes in the rules of a contest/giveaway.



AMD is a Multi-billion International Corporation whose warranty is probably standard for the industry.

Do you really believe that AMD doesn't know the legal risks in whatever Warranty or Promotion or Customer related  activities are supported and that they have gone through with their Legal department to make sure everything is within the laws of the nation where they do business.

Where do you find out that if a company "waives" or voids  a Warranty is ILLEGAL?

Where does it mention that it is the Rule of Land to even offer a Warranty on a product?

From FTC.GOV concerning Warranties:

Screenshot 2021-02-26 095008.png

In Europe, by Consumer law, the Retailer/Vendor must give a 2 year type Warranty for their European Customers but not in the USA. The Warranty Act is what covers Warranties in the USA from above law that I posted from the Federal Government.

From above article:

What the Magnuson-Moss Act Does Not Require

In order to understand how the Act affects you as a businessperson, it is important first to understand what the Act does not require.

First, the Act does not require any business to provide a written warranty. The Act allows businesses to determine whether to warrant their products in writing. However, once a business decides to offer a written warranty on a consumer product, it must comply with the Act.

Second, the Act does not apply to oral warranties. Only written warranties are covered.

Third, the Act does not apply to warranties on services. Only warranties on goods are covered. However, if your warranty covers both the parts provided for a repair and the workmanship in making that repair, the Act does apply to you.

Finally, the Act does not apply to warranties on products sold for resale or for commercial purposes. The Act covers only warranties on consumer products. This means that only warranties on tangible property normally used for personal, family, or household purposes are covered. (This includes property attached to or installed on real property.) Note that applicability of the Act to a particular product does not, however, depend upon how an individual buyer will use it.

The following section of this manual summarizes what the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act requires warrantors to do, what it prohibits them from doing, and how it affects warranty disputes.

So basically what you are saying is not correct.



I have already provided the OP an option on how to discuss this issue further, therefore I am locking this discussion.

Try sending me a Direct Message now,

The whole argument about whether the card was won or purchased is stupid. The whole warranty issue surrounding products in this country, truly goes to show how little rights consumers really have. This should not be about if the card was purchased first hand or second hand. That is also stupid. What this tells me is that a company...any company (not just AMD) will side-step their responsibility, if a rule is not enacted and enforced. The 6000 series is not at an age where even one card is 'outside' of the warranty period. It is a brand new product. Short of a modification which caused damage, any product withing the allocated warranty interval ought to be repaired by whom ever manufactured it. Many card users are in for a rude awakening. Some of these folks will deny warranty on new products IF they're also not purchased from an APPROVED vendor as well.

When was the last time you asked a selling entity if they were an approved vendor? I'd humbly suggest you start asking...for your own protection. The division I work for just went through this same thing with PNY on a brand 'spanking' new but defective GTX card. Though it wasn't my money, it set a tone on customer loyalty for me. I personally will never buy another PNY product and I've owned several in the past. Customer loyalty is important.



Some manufacturers (rare though) do allow for a Warranty to be transferred if their product is sold to someone else. But the majority of Manufacturers state in their Warranties that the Warranty is only effective for the Original Owners with an official Retail/Vendor receipt and non-transferable.

Why does just about all Manufacturers have this Non-transferable clause in their Warranties, I don't know.


yup had the same problem with warranty not transferable , i had to rma a faulty 6800xt that i purchased second hand with the bill from a guy who bought it directly from amd... but if the guy is serious , you just have to tell him you rma , and he send it back to you when he receive it , and i had chance on that ... but if you're not aware of that , don't buy second hand with bills from U.S lol !!... but some companies also refuse to rma when the card as been unmounted (mine was watercooled , so the warranty sticker wasn't there anymore) and amd didn't make any problem with this .. so matter of case ... but in any case this card was free ... and i would like to know what type of problem it has (more info then just "crash", to see if it's a crash that can happen or a crash indicated reall hardware problem ... curiosity)

btw in france the warranty is allways transferable , it's on the product ... non transferable warranty may help to avoid scalpers i think , but i was not aware of that when i bought mine from the guy , so i was lucky he was ok

I would recommend you contact the AMD employee at the email address you received to handle this issue. 


If you send me the email address via Direct Message I will forward your case.

If I knew how to send a private message I would.


Look at the top where the large AMD with a upwards diagonal arrow is. Go all the way to the Right and you will a Mail icon. Click on the Mail icon.

Click on "New Message"

Screenshot 2021-02-25 172735.png

When the new windows opens, type in the "Send To" - RAY_M (A list of names should pop up. Choose the one that say RAY_M)

Type in the Subject and then type your message and click on Send :

Screenshot 2021-02-25 172735.png


Thanks, but I do not see that.. I see the bell and the AMD logo on the top right..



Then I don't know what to tell you.

This is the way the new AMD Format looks like now and is what is showing for me.


I believe the quickest way to deal with this issue is to directly email the AMD staff member who provided you with the GPU.