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Journeyman III

AMD Vega 64 - Davinci Resolve and Photoshop issues

I am hoping that someone here can help me with a problem that has been plaguing me since building my current PC.  My build is:

AMD Ryzen 5 1600x

Asus B350-f MB

16 gigs gskill memory

Sapphire Vega 64 GPU

Seasonic 850PX Platinum PSU

Win 10 Home

Adrenalin Software 18.5.2

The PC works great with games.  I have had a few crashes in Far Cry 5 but that is not the main concern.  I would expect some crashes in a new game like that.  The issue that I am having is with Photoshop and Davinci Resolve.  Starting with Resolve.  I have never been able to get Resolve to work.  I can launch it, it loads into the timeline tab, I can switch to the Media Pool and browse my shares for the video files, but as soon as the thumbnails begin to load the tach on the card goes solid and usually locks of the computer forcing me to restart.  Sometimes it will just crash Resolve and I can still use Windows, but the tach stays solid and I will have to reboot to get the card working properly again.  As for Photoshop, if I am in Lightroom and right click on a photo and select "edit in Photoshop" Photoshop will start to load but when it shows "loading menus" the tach again goes solid and the system locks forcing me to reboot.  If I start Photoshop alone without Lightroom it usually runs fine, but not always.

I build this computer back in February and have been dealing with this since day one.  Here are the things that I have tried.

1. Adjusting Wattman to custom and setting power level to +50

2. using older Catalyst Drivers and software

3. Attempting to undervolt GPU (not completely sure I am doing this correctly)

4. Changing PSU, original was Seasonic 750 Gold, upgraded to Seasonic 850 Platinum

5. Davinci 12, 14 and 15 beta

6. Changing PCI slot

7. Switching card bios

One interesting thing I discovered is that if I completely remove the AMD drivers, Photoshop work perfectly.  No issues what so ever, now I know Photoshop is not GPU intensive, but this makes me think that the issue has to lie with the AMD software.  What is confusing me is that other people have been able to get this to work.  I have seen Youtube videos testing the Vega 64 in Resolve and based on the research I have done, most people say that the power setting should fix the issue, but for me it does not work.

I am really hoping that someone has some advise on something else I could try.  Thank you. I really appreciate your time.

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