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AMD's Commitment to gaming end users is Disingenuous

I am finally at the end of my patience with the Lack of availability of discrete AMD Vega cards at something approaching MSRP.  While HBM2 prices are higher they will be coming down a bit in the next 2 or 43 months. But that is not the primary cause of the inflated prices. The mining speculative craze is something AMD has said little about and what they will do to guarantee reasonable availability and pricing to its gaming and other end user customers. The silence is deafening. AMD is reaping great financial benefit from this speculative craze and has shown zero interest in helping us. They could, like Nvidia, have direct sales of some generic Vega 56 and 64 cards to end users like us at MSRP. AIB's are screwing end users and selling the bulk of their cards to miners, especially corporate miners. It is time for AMD to come clean and make a bold move to retain end user loyalty. Otherwise my Vega 56 with custom cooling will be the last graphics card I buy with the AMD label. I will not put up with fanatic fanboy criticism either, so watch your steps.

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As some of the reputable tech sites have said, and I agree with, it's a horrible situation for gamers and researchers, but the money AMD is making is what's attracting investor's money which will allow AMD to develop the technologies to combat Intel and nVidia, and in the end benefit everyone with competitive products at competitive prices. While it's true that Ryzen is a quantum leap from Bulldozer based processors, it's still over 25% slower than Coffee Lake. And while it is true that Vega64 is technologically advanced and will give AMD an advantage in future designs, it is nowhere close to the 1080Ti in terms of power and efficiency.


You really talked about everything but the issue I raised. And you are wrong about CoffeeLake. It is NOT 25% faster than Ryzen. More like 16-17%. The Ryzen 2000's will run about  7 to 8% slower performance than Coffee Lake if you use the x470 motherboard. The review by Canard is not legitimate as they used an A320 motherboard that can not overclock cpu or memory.  Performance will be at least 5% better with x470 over the A320 numbers. My issue that you ignored was AMD's failure to insure availability of their Vega gpus at close to MSRP for end users. Nvidia has renewed sales of 1080TI founders Edition card directly to consumers, no reason AMD should not do the same. Reference cards is what I am talking about. Leave the modified cards to thr AIB's and AMD should make available through direct sale the reference Vega cards.


yes its rude with pricing but at the end of the day the $ they are making is going towards next gen development for cards & APUs. Its not a win for the gamers or general use clients which AMD are trying to attract. But if AMD slows down on mining drivers & actually support the core customers will offset the pricing putting the miners off. Its a catch 22 really. Its a win win for AMD more $ more development means they can gain there foothold into the sand & give Craptel & crapvidia a run for there $ when the 7nm comes out which be soon where the competitors arnt there yet why they been slandering AMD as it is. Yes its rude prices have gone up to the end result is when the mining boom bottems out there be more cards around at better pricing again. The memory shortage hasnt helped atm tho it will sort out like the SSD shortage was but now pricing come back to where it should be. Yeah nvidia may be selling direct to gamers again but for how long as they dont tell you how many crates diffract from the factory the miners are buying up. nvidia dont tell the exact figure as they dont wanna give that info as AMD will learn from it & adapt. End of the day all big businesses sell to whos got the $ yeah the prices wont come vback to normal in the next while but its a good thing as if they are so high with demand means its abetter product than stated. Think about it when demands starts dropping AMD with the next gen in advancements coming threw will crush the big boys OF craptel & crapvidia & its what needs to be done what ever help they can get with this boom is a godsend for them tho not for us consumers. But hey its a catch 22 Win win for AMD profits means more $ to go in to Development & testing with newer ideas to be competitive. Remember to AMD supplys most of the chips for Xbox1s & PS4s & console market which they own by there own right, it will filter threw to every1 eventually AMD seem to be open & honest from a tech company its a good thing Where craptel & crapvidia will never be until ex staff leak info that's needs to be known. I suspect be more info from the ex Craptel crapvidia camps coming threw in the next while with there dodgy practises brewing up another round of vulnerabilities I expect more to be brewed up in the next while once the Zen2 come out to the market. 7nm wont be far & why both them companies are trying what ever to ruin AMD time in the limelight as expect them to shine in the next 2-3 years & take alot of the market share back from the days of the Athlons etc. Expect great things pricing maybe steep but its what you get when a company like AMD has done well from the mining boom, things will balance outin the next while tho made craptel pricing actually competitive again which havnt seen in the last 10 years on par with AMD APUs. Tho they cant match the value of quads to 8 core APUs for price to preformance value they maybe a bit being craptel but once software comes within Arcitecture limits they looses in preformance so far will balance & over take an I series next gen coming out & with the 7nm process kill craptell in the water leaving a wake with Crapvidia squeeling like a boy in a prision.