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Journeyman III

AMD RX480 runs games fine, but crashes at benchmark

I'm in quite a pickle.

My pc isn't finished and performance is rough around the edges, but I've got no trouble playing performance-heavy games with my RX480 8gb. Whenever I run a benchmark test, though, everything crashes, the screen fades to black, but my GPU keeps running at insane output. I let it run for a while, screen stays black. I specifically tested the GPU only, the benchmark tests everything else just fine, but testing my GPU crashes the whole thing while the fans spin at absurd speed.This is weirding me out because I can play games like DOOM at max settings with neglectable slowdowns and fps drops, but everything else such as opening browsers, programs or installations are prone to 30 sec long slowdowns and freezes. I need the benchmark test for some finishing touches, If someone could help me out that'd be appreciated.

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