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Journeyman III

AMD Radion Pro 5500m 8GB Treiber Update Mac

Hello forum, I have a problem with Photoshop on a new Macbook Pro. According to Adobe, it is a problem with the driver. Apple Support says the drivers are not included in the operating system. I have to install it manually. How do I do that? Only find drivers for Windows. My Gpu "AMD Radion Pro 5500m 8GB"I hope you can help me further! Greetings Stefan

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Community Manager

That is incorrect. All driver support for Apple systems comes directly from Apple.

Ok, this is naturally interesting! I'm paying € 3500 for a laptop that doesn't have Photoshop running properly. Then get wrong answers from Apple Support. The first point of contact for this problem was Adobe. The first time I was told that the problem was with Apple. Apple told me the first time that Adobe should see that the software is running properly on the Mac! Incredible ... Better to buy a Windows device next time! In any case, many thanks for the answer! Kind regards Stefan

Apple works fine for the people that want to stay exclusively in their ecosystem. Frankly a lot of the creative world still uses mac with Adobe as in general the OS does not have many issues as Windows historically. However I think that has changed dramatically in recent years. Apple has frankly stopped listening to the users that use their machines professionally. They don't care to cater to 3rd party developers. The best advice I can give on the Apple front and Adobe is never update to the latest OS before it has been out near a year. Apple doesn't give the upcoming OS to its 3rd party developers like Windows does. So companies like Adobe have to scramble upon release to get their apps updated. Sometimes as with the current Catalina this makes huge changes needed. Adobe also significantly changed their Graphics Subsystem with Catalina. Unfortunately if you machine came with Catalina they make it impossible in the firmware to regress the OS to the last version.

I can tell you that I am writing this on a 2019 iMac with Mohave and a RX 570 pro. I have no issues with the Adobe software. 


Correct even Bootcamp Windows drivers.