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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon RX 5700 black screen and reset.

Hi, Ive been struggling with this gpu for about 8 monts now.
Ive tried absolutly everything what I read here and in other forums.
I feel that my case is unique, there are only some things that trigger the black screen.
PLayin Cyberpunk, assasins creed oddysey, valhalla, mafia 3, detroit become human or even valley benchmark will cause a black screen and restart but playing games like league of legends, valorant or cs go wont, Ive tried everything and it will happen every time.
The only setting that worked for me in the driver was bringing all the maximun frequency down, my system wont restar this way playing any game but that is not funcional, Im losing lots of fps.
Any idea? Ive tried ddu fresh install of several drivers, new psu, new processor, ram is working fine, ive also tried old windows with old drivers, got the driver without adrenalin but nothing worked.
My specs are:
ryzen 5 3600 (also tried and intel processor but its the same)
12gb ram
asus prime b450m-a
500w bronce certified psu (also tried 750w gold certificate and it restart the same)

Thank you!.