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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

AMD Radeon R9 390 screen freezes


I am having difficulty with my R9 390. I started Fallout 4 (and have since had issues in other games) and right from the outset the screen starts to freeze for a couple of seconds at a time. on the start screen when I use the mouse every few seconds the cursor will stop for a second and then suddenly jump across the screen to where I have moved it to. This worse in game play when I move my character and it freezes then suddenly moves again after a second or two, by which time I have been shot!

I have removed almost every piece of software to see if there are any clashes, and uninstalled drivers for my other hardware. the only way I could stop it was to remove the AMD drivers. When I do this my windows 10 hardware screen shows that I have basic windows display adapter drivers. Strangely my games work. As soon as I install any AMD drivers my problem returns. I have tried older drivers from version 16 right up to version 18 (the latest on the site) and the problem persists.

My card was working fine up until the last couple of months. I am just hoping that it is a software problem and not hardware related.

does anyone have the same issues or any solutions?

My specs are:

intel 5820 processor

16gb ram

512 gb samsung SSD

Corsair 750 watt psu

msi gaming 9 x99 ack motherboard.

any help is appreciated.

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