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AMD Radeon R9 270 driver problem

Hello everyone, some time I have problem with my computer, random performance problems, errors and blue screens of deaths.  Today I managed to solve why. I reinstall whole windows 10 and after installing graphic driver I got again blue screen of death. I tried about 20x times more but every time blue screen. I tried many versions of driver (old, new) but nothing helped. If anyone solve my problem I will be very glad. Because I´m wery angry at this point i tried to fix this whole day and only one thing what I managed to do is to have computer with default windows driver and minimal performance. 

OS : Windows 10 Pro edition 

CPU : Intel core i5 4460 

Mainboard : ASUS H81M-K

RAM : DD3, 8GB, dual channel

GPU : AMD Radeon R9 270 


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