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Journeyman III

AMD RADEON 7800HD series fans only spin up if forced above 80%

I have noticed that my gpu is hitting a very high temperature and not speeding up the fans without me forcing it to. 
I also have noticed that a game i play won't throttle up the gpu speed anymore.

What is going on this problem had persisted too long for too many driver updates.
Are you trying to get rid of gpu's?

Because this problem does not make me want to buy another AMD.

Would you like a video?

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Re: AMD RADEON 7800HD series fans only spin up if forced above 80%

That does sound concerning. I don't think they intentionally try to kill old GPU's but I also don't think they test new drivers on old hardware like they should. Does reverting to older drivers fix the issue? These are user to user forums so if this is a driver bug you need to report that to AMD. They only give you one way for 2 way support. I'd contact them at this link: 

Online Service Request | AMD 

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