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Journeyman III

AMD R9 270 Crashing

Hello all,

I have searched up and down the internet for this and cannot find a fix for this. I have an AMD Radeon R9 270 2GB graphics card and it has been working perfectly until just about a few months ago. I shut my computer down every night but the problem only happens on the first boot up. When booting up, it runs normal from surfing the web and listening to music but it's until I load a game such as Overwatch or GTA V that it will make a clicking noise from my speakers and the display will turn off. Sometimes I will still be able to hear sound for a few seconds before it either restarts itself or just freezes and I have to hold the power button.

Now, the weird part is that after I power it down and boot it back up it will work flawlessly. No more crashing or freezing. If it was a hardware problem, I believe it would keep crashing but I feel as if it is more a driver issue. With that being said, I currently have driver 15.301.1701.0 installed. I have manually went to the AMD site to download and install the 16.9.2 driver and still no luck. I'm at a stand still and not sure what to do and I have a feeling replacing the graphics card won't fix this either.

Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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