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Journeyman III

AMD R4 Graphics grayscale plus color distortion

So, I recently encountered a graphical error with fullscreen applications, where most colors either become gray or just change entirely. when I run the said programs in windowed mode, they perform fine. for example, when running minecraft in fullscreen, the hearts will be cyan instead of red, and so forth. The colors just change. I tried several things to fix this problem, and did manage to reverse the effects with one game, but the problem is still there. Even if I restart my computer, it still persists. Please help me fix this bug, as it's really effecting my gaming.

Computer: Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ACL
Graphics Driver: AMD Radeon R4 Graphics, Up to date
OS: Windows 10
Radeon Settings: Installed

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Journeyman III

Re: AMD R4 Graphics grayscale plus color distortion

I am Having this issue as well, with certain colors being seen as another while in full screen. I noticed this in Among Us, where being red has you looking cyan. I also noticed that ALT + Tab ing turns the colors normal but when you re-access the game in full screen, the color issue happens again.

Adept I

Re: AMD R4 Graphics grayscale plus color distortion

Same here, I had to uninstall AMD software and uninstall some GPU drivers update to fix it. But it's not the perfect option unless you really need to play in fullscreen.

I'm also looking for an answer

Try to install older drivers from the AMD support website