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Journeyman III

AMD please dont release navi with blower cooler style

Hi, AMDer I come to beg to you please don't release Navi with blower cooler style.

Please listen to US consumers and critics and try to make improvements upon watching this video: 

Buildzoid has a good knowledge of electronics and overclocking.

We all want AMD to succeed and make better GPUs at day 1 having your GPUs aged like wine it is nice, but we need better performance at day 1 not later when some people look at AMD GPUs and say AMD you are relevant since performance isn't there at day 1.

I think most people would agree with me that blower cooler style should be banned forever and never be used again, in my opinion, GPUs minimum fans should be 2 fans for the reference model for your GPU cards.

Radeon 7 was a great improvement at fans department, at software the T.Junction temps were bad making fans ramp up to max speed and making the card being very loud.

You can make improvements to fans design in an attempt to reduce noise like Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, and EVGA does, etc.

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