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Journeyman III

AMD Link Game Streaming

Hi all, hopefully someone can help me to set up the AMD Link app properly, I've followed the standard instructions to set up (as provided by the app) and I've got it to connect and show me GPU stats and installed games etc. but when I click to stream a game it shows the controller and a loading indicator but then it just closes again with no error message. Some additional information that hopefully helps:

  • I've followed the standard instructions for setup
    • Enabled AMD Link server
    • Added appropriate exceptions to the windows firewall (using the Auto Configure tool provided) 
    • Downloaded the AMD Link app on an android device (Hauwei p20 pro)
    • Installed AMD ReLive on the desktop
    • Enabled 'Remote Play' on the desktop ReLive settings
    • Added the mobile device to the desktop via QR code scanning
  • I can connect from the mobile device and see GPU and various other stats, I can also see the games available to stream.
  • But when I click to start streaming a game it does open the game on my desktop PC but the stream never starts in the app (I just get shown a black screen with the controller overlay and a loading spinner)
  • I get no error message it just closes and goes back to the game selection screen
  • If I click the 'Test Stream' option from the 'Streaming Options' menu in the app the 'Start Testing' button is grayed out so I'm unable to perform a test.

Background information:

  • Using a brand new (today) RX590 graphics card
  • Using a Hauwei P20 Pro
  • Wireless network is a virgin media super hub (model 4)

Really hoping I can get this resolved as I was hoping that with my new graphics card I would be able to play my games in another room using a Bluetooth controller.