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Journeyman III

AMD HD8870M freezes computer upon driver install


I have issues with my AMD Radeon HD8870M video card. It is in a Dell 5737, (tag: D8HX302), along with an Intel HD4400.

-The system is freshly installed on a brand new SSD.

-Windows 8.1 is up to date, no more updates can be found, except for the update KB3053946, which always drops an installation error (it is related to a switchable graphics bug, where returning from sleep was impossible. I suspect it does not install because I disabled the dedicated graphics card in Device Manager).

-All other drivers are installed from Dell website, including Intel HD driver.

My problem is, as soon as either I, or automatic Windows Update tries to install driver for AMD Radeon HD8870M, the following happens:

  1. the screen turns black for a second (normal during video driver install, I know).
  2. a few seconds later, screen turns black again for a few seconds, the 'new device detected' system sound is played (normal too)
  3. another few seconds and screen turns and remains black, loop sound 'plays' (very similar to this sound)
  4. PC can only turned off by hard reset.

-System was reinstalled becuse  I got a bluescreen error with the same sound, system was unable to start up after that, only black screen after the windows loading screen. 

-Video card began generating funny images a few days prior, as seen in this topic (I did not respond there, because with the system reinstall, it became irrelevant)

It does not matter what driver version do I try to install, it always results in this freeze. I tried it via Windows Update, from Dell website (2015 version), and AMD website (latest version). Installation process always did according to this. Clean install also does not work.

Since this is a laptop manufactured in early 2014, I suspect this is probably a hardware failure on the motherboard. Can you confirm my suspicion?


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