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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

AMD HD Radeon 7850 crashing when tweaking and playing games

Hey Guys,

This is my first time posting a question on this forum, i will try to explain the situation as good as possible. Bear with me here, because i am a computer newb.

I recently purchased a HD Radeon 7850 and installed it in my PC. It worked fine untill i started a game (Fornite) at high.

The screen randomly freezes (black, white, blue, stripes etc.)


MSI Motherboard MS 7817

HD Radeon 7850 (6 Pin connector to power supply)

550 wattage PSU

I have checked a decent amount of possible problems that can occur, stated below:

- Running Furmark (99% load, max temp. around 70) for like 10 minutes -> no problems/freezing
- Making sure all old drivers are uninstalled (ddu uninstaller->safe mode->restart with new card ->install most recent drivers

- Update Mobo drivers to most recent

I was wondering if anyone can help me identify the problem, cause i am out of ideas (as i stated, i am a newb to computers)

Thanks in advance, i will love u forever! <3


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