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Journeyman III

AMD HD 7670M Dx12 "support"

Greetings, I got a laptop with my not so beloved "Samsung AMD HD 7670M 2 GB", & so i got question: my old video card can't launch games with DirectX 12, so is there ANY way to force it to support DX12? Even if i need to rewrite driver/bios or etc...

P.S. Dx 12 is installed already, but game says that card cannot support it

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The game is correct, your AMD GPU card doesn't support DX12 as per this website: AMD Radeon HD 7670M Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database 

It is possible the technology on the GPU card isn't advance enough to support DX12, besides AMD doesn't support the GPU card with driver updates any more: 

The last AMD driver doesn't support Vulkan API.

But I am certain that you are aware of all of this information.

Yes, I know, but also I know that there are some ways, that probably can break license agreement, but simulate or force support of new technologies


According to MS when Windows 10 first came out, All AMD GCN GPU Cards should be able to run DX12 but not all of it features.

This 5 year old Tech articles explains about DX12 and shows which AMD GPUs can run DX12 or some of it features: Exclusive: The Nvidia and AMD DirectX 12 Editorial - Complete DX12 Graphic Card List with Specificat... 

Here is an partial list from 5 years ago showing which AMD GPUs support DX12.0: Exclusive: The Nvidia and AMD DirectX 12 Editorial - Complete DX12 Graphic Card List with Specificat...  

But that is all I know about the subject.

Did find this old thread at AMD Forums concerning 7670M GPU card where kingfish answered correctly: Direct x12 

In the HD 7xxx series the 7850 and up is the first GCN GPUs thus DX12 hardware GPU. This mobil cpu is Thames/London not GCN and has hardware support for up to 11.2 only, as you correctly noted above. DX12 is a hardware features and no software will change that. Just wanted to confirm what my peers have already said as being correct. Unfortunately the OP will not get the features they want. The OP may want to check if another version of DX like 11 is available to them. Most games other than a couple very recent AAA titles support an earlier DX version as well as DX 12.

On some old forum I've found that some people had same problem but with Dx8 and Dx9, theirs solution was to update "BIOS of video card", I tried to find something same with new Dx, but no luck. Plus, as I know by own experience, videocards can support what they weren't made for, like my legacy card supported drivers of newish model. So i think there is at least temporary solution