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AMD Graphics card not working!

I know this is late. But I wanted to know if there is a solution. I have Lenovo z50-70 i7 2015 model. I have been using it for both gaming and professional purposes. I haven't played games in this laptop for two years. I think the issue came along with the RADEON successive updates in late 2017. One day, I wasn't able to load the game(DOTA 2), the game would simply exit when launched. I didn't know what was the issue then and I just cleaned my laptop and got busy with studies and work. In this two years I tried to resolve that issue. But seems like nothing has worked. I un-installed all OS and all drivers and re-installed it. Re-installed graphics drivers several times. No progress. I have noticed in the AMD performance analytics chart that there is a peak in GPU utility for an instance and then it drops to zero and the game closes abruptly when this happens. I have also tried running GPU memory test using OCCT, even then the test automatically closes without any error in 2 seconds. For some reason no program is able to run in GPU and I have no idea why. Please help me if you guys know anything.

Processor: Intel i7 5500 U - 2 cores

Graphics card : AMD Radeon R9 M375

OS: Windows 10


Storage: 1 TB - 8 GB SSHD