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Adept I

AMD Firepro v3900 Crossfire

Hi friends! Happy New Year!

I have a FirePro V3900 video card, I want to buy another of the same video card and connect two video cards in crossfire mode.
These cards do not have connectors for flexible bridge connections, but I have heard that Crossfire can be enabled by software through the driver (ie without a physical jumper).

How to do it?
I work with photos in the Capture one application, sometimes I edit videos and I need 10-bit color, which is available in the AMD Firepro video card. But I also play games from time to time and would like to increase system performance by combining two graphics cards.
My Windows 7x64 system: Processor AMD fx6300 msigaming 970 motherboard RAM ddr3 8+8 Gb Sandisc ssd 128 gb. I'm looking forward to the answers!
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AMD Moderator on Professional GPU cards @fsadough can probably answer if you can use those type of GPU cards in Crossfire configuration or not. Most likely in mGPU configuration since Crossfire is a legacy feature now.

Most likely next week.


CrossFire must be supported by the application. If not, putting a secondary GPU is useless. V3900 is a legacy product, your OS is legacy. Hence, no luck.

Thanks for the answer! Yes, my system is old, but the games are also old 2014-2017. For example "Grand Theft Auto IV, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock" and many others. These games support crossfire. Old system - old games )))
The question is, will the Fire Pro V3900 work with a similar card?

Do I understand correctly that it's all about the application? If the application supports crossfire, does it matter which two video cards are installed?


V3900 is a ProGraphics GPU and not a gaming card. There is no CF support with V3900.

I understand you friend!
You are an expert in this matter.
There are two configurations to choose from: FirePro W4300 - one card or Firepro W4100 - two cards (Crossfire).
What will be more productive for games?
As far as I understand, Crossfire does not work in ordinary applications (Word, cinema, Internet, etc.), therefore only one of the two cards is involved (there is no load on the power supply).
If 2X4100 is the best option, what power supply would be required for two Firepro W4100?


W4100 does not support CF. In FirePro series the W4300 and up supports CF.  If 2x W4300 is used then minimum PSU should be 1000W depending on other components used in the system. Once again, ProGraphics GPUs are not designed for gaming, specially not for CF gaming.

I wrote about 4100 and crossfire, because I found just such a picture ( and it says that crossfire 4100 supports.
Crossfire also supports 2100.
Is this not correct information?


This document must be old. Feel free to try and see if it works.

OK. What do you recommend? I need 10 bit color and sometimes play old games.
How can the problem be solved?

Is it possible to put two video cards in one computer (one Firepro, the other for games) and switch them?

Or use an external video card with its own power supply (for example, as in a laptop)?

Or is there some kind of gaming graphics card that supports 10-bit color for photo work?

They say that you are a smart guy, advise a solution.


All our current GPUs support 10bit and even 12bit color. So, there is no need for 2x GPUs. One gaming GPU would be sufficient, however the problem is your OS, which is EOL'ed with no support from Microsoft and no updated driver from our side.

Maybe there is some kind of video card that supports windows 7 and 10 bit color?
Or will only 2022 cards be suitable?
My V3900 works fine with old drivers and on old windows 7...


10bit color is not an issue as I mentioned. All our GPUs support 10bit color. We offer legacy Win7 drivers for EOL'ed GPUs. If you have a CF-supported motherboard then no bridge is required for CF-Supported GPUs. Feel free to add another V3900, however I doubt it that you will take advantage of CF, specially if you are using old games.

For CF you have to have two identical cards, a CF supported motherboard and supported application.

Adept I

Hey! I decided not to combine two V3900 video cards, too many questions....

I was interested in the PULSE RX 550 4G G5 LP graphics card. Tell me, will this card work in crossfire mode?

I heard that crossfire is not supported anywhere with the 550 series, but it is also said that PULSE RX 550 4G G5 LP can be combined with a second video card in crossfire mode.

Does this graphics card support 10 bit color?