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Adept II

AMD did oopsie with MPO

Can AMD communicate whats wrong with MPO please, don't like to speculate on whats broken, for a lot of users disabling MPO is a solution for blackscreens greenscreens grey screens etc.

MPO is the Multi-plane overlay depending on gpu you have support for certain amount of Multi-plane overlays however there some issues with it right now it has gotten from worse to much better now but not stable, issues are for example where if windowed game optimizations are turned on for example which appearntly aplies to anything btw happens without as well but less frequently you can blackscreen under either 2 minutes during whatsapp video call what happens first is everything lag or slow down sometime just for 2 3 seconds sometimes permanently gradually getting worse then triggering blackscren can also happen without windowed game optimizations under 1 hour more or less sometimes once a day, this really annoying if you only able to do whatsapp video calls  and not use alternative like signal that has no issues, whatsapp desktop video calls do make use of overlays.

But also used be problem in steam where steam pointshop could have a lot of flickering that looks almost like artifacting but go's away if you disable hardware acceleration or MPO, did get fixed since more older optional drivers tho fixed in 22.11.2 however for some the issue is worse then i experience and even causes flickering and corruption across entire screen, can also happen in chrome and edge.

Some apps can bassicly trigger either flickering that happens inside or outside the window usually inside, or stuttering or even slow downs that lead to blackscreens.

Alt tabbing to certain apps can even trigger blackscreens probably racing conditions with APP and driver fighting for control and neither giving up control.

At this point with 22.11.2 i leave MPO enabled i am lucky to have no issues for days however i started playing less games many users have reported world of warcraft causing gpu driver freezes blackscreens or gpu driver crashes if experienced them all, even reproduced it by just abnormally resizing the game window while running it in window, so i am confident this is a driver issue as well.

What i kinda expect tho is AMD to start communicating a little better perhaps hire community manager that talks to community more also outside these forums like third party forums but also reddit, and talk about issues that users experience and talk to driver devs and software engineers, maybe have a web page instead for bug reports and feature requestst where everything is public.

Things have been extremely slow last 6 months and bassicly grinded down to a halt, drivers aren't perfectly stable people where even afraid at one point to install drivers out of fear of killing their gpu's with bad drivers, all of this probably can be prevented if AMD communicated them self rather then via YouTubers, even the YouTubers them self are saying AMD needs to do better, we all make mistakes we learn from it gain experience from it and improve.

AMD please do the right thing, its not just the 5700 XT at launch that had blackscreens now even rx6000 series are experience blackscreens, there been a enourmous surge of reported blackscreens in december on r/AMDHelp for example on reddit, you cannot deny these issues exist, it happens we all make mistakes i can be patient and wait for fixes, but right now known issues are not reported, some issues like Valheim crashing in vulkan have been around for more then a year even on rx6000 series and i know playing that game in directx avoids those crashes and i know its been fixed on 23.1.1 driver it was i believe, but those drivers are currently exclusive for rdna3

And i really wanna believe again in AMD and test out fixes see for my self if things are fixed, most of all tho i really want stable drivers back.

I switched from Nvidia to AMD cos world of warcraft had a horrible case of flickering shadows that been broken since world of warcraft battle for azeroth and appearntly broken again, so i feel like switching back Nvidia does nothing for me, not mention other issues i would have.

We all want AMD to be better then Nvidia, if not with rnda 3 i will wait for rdna4 even rdna 5 just learn and improve please.

Things right now are not looking good, and i hate watching AMD make things worse, biggest issue is lack of communication.

And not just regarding AMD gpu drivers right now there is an edc bug with ryzen 5000 atleast if you are on agesa 1207 on certain motherboards like x570-E and enable PBO you get edc bug if using past 140 edc when turning on PBO the default limit is 190 which causes core vids to be lower then default bassicly 1.420 which introduces lower clocks and potential instability.

However if you use third party tool or even ryzen master to apply default PBO limits directly, performance instantly go's up without an EDC bug things are more stable, AMD_Robert that used to work for AMD left AMD reported it would be fixed in agesa 1207 probably cos he got told it would be fixed, but it never ended up being fixed, so please fix it.

And better do better in communicating i understand things can go wrong sometimes that is fine, but staying silent is not the way to deal with this, its really frustating having had least 6 months of driver issues and having been mostly stuck on older 22.5.1 drivers that have MPO flickering, while newer drivers have this fixed but are much less stable and experience blackscreens usually even predictable while alt tabbing or video call.

Please adress these issues, i don't think i can handle another month of lack of communications, its not the end of the world if these issues get listed as known issues, and perhaps there are work arounds like disabling MPO to avoid these problems, im bit unlucky tho disabling MPO causing world of warcraft gpu driver freezes for me which wont time out and freeze system except sound, even plugging in an usb stick will play new hardware detected sound but it wont time out, not to mention disabling MPO also breaks HDR calibration so since if been able to predict blackscreens and avoid it mostly if just left MPO on, but sometimes i get 5 blackscreens in a row.

I can't imagine fixing these issues to be hard if i can avoid it there must be something wrong with these apps that trigger it.

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Disable MPO using the NVidia utility available on their website.  I did it when I was running an aib 6900xt but even that doesn't stop multimonitor black screens and signal drops.

Yesterday I purchased a gigabyte rtx 4090 gaming oc to replace that card because AMD driver support is subpar across the board on everything they make.


Altho that fixes issues it gives new issues that make it not worth it, of these issues are not worth the trade off