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Journeyman III

AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon HD 8400 graphic driver

So, i saw that problem it was to a few people and a long time ago...
I can't even watch on YouTube with that freeze, it happened for 1 seconds for every 2-3 seconds
I was looking for an old version for graphic driver but I don't find it...
So, the problem is, if I put windows 7 I can't use Wi-Fi on laptop.
If I Stay on Windows 10 I can't even watch on YouTube... What should I do? Can anybody give me an old version for that graphic driver? Or something like this one but without that problem...

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Volunteer Moderator

If you are using must be fully updated before trying to install the AMD driver.


Here are the previous drivers for your laptop. I would do a clean install of the drivers using DDU in safe mode.

Well I find a drive that works for 3 months but yesterday that gives me a black screen ( I search it more about that and it calls 'black screen of death' or something like that), so after reinstalling the windows I tried your option and somehow in safe mode it works good this driver but after a clean with ddu and a reinstall of drivers the isue is still there, any option left?
By the way, I forgot to mention my components and operating system:
The video card and processor are in title 
12 gb Ram
500 gb hdd 
Windows 10 x64
Also I tried to install again this driver but now it doesn't work anymore .-.