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Journeyman III

amd 7640g

Hello guys!

I have a problem with my dedicated GPU: AMD 7640G. I have a HP ProBook 455G1 with a AMD A8 4500M CPU and AMD 8750M GPU.

I have some problems lately. My laptop restarts out of nowhere. Before this i had some bluescreens with the errors code: video dxgkrnl and something; and then the laptop would restart. Now it just restarts. I'm not doing anything in particular when my laptop restarts. It just restarts. I installed GPU-Z to check the graphics and here is a scrennshot. And i had temperatures well above 100 for the integrated GPU. The dedicated one is ok. And i was doing nothing. Can someone help please? I tried to update the GPU but every time i do this all animations in windows are very laggy.So I have a driver from aug-2015 for both the GPUs wich works.

Best regards!

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your issue it seams related to thermal replacement, search on youtube for teardown your laptop and replace the thermal paste for yourself, if you are not sure what to do, send to a store to do the repair... (if you send to a store, take screenshots of the laptop and say that you want to replace the thermal paste, if you dont say anything, they charge you more that you expect).


Hi and thanks for the answer.

I will do this and i will come back with an answer Monday!

Journeyman III

So far so good. Temperatures are at or below 70. Rarely hit 90.

Hope that it wont restart again out of nowhere.

I will post an update in a week


Good to know and 70º are the most common temps for standard laptops, so its ok.

OK give some news to make sure that is stable now .

Edit: If you want to make sure, do some stress tests with the Cinebench or aida64 or other software, to see the max temp. Post some screenshot if you do, to show us.


No restarts so far. I managed to get a screenshot at the beginning after like 5 minutes of stress because my laptop is basically unusable during the stress test.



the temp are to high, are you sure that you apply the paste correctly, the fan laptop is spinning and heatsink is clean?

Can you show me the cpu temp too? The cpu temp is ok but the gpu is not.

Edit: Use HWMonitor and take a screenshot of the CPU and GPU temps in overload, use Aida64 to do the test.

Edit 2: When you do the test do it one at time, you have boxs to enable or disable, disable the FPU, cache, system memory, GPU and enable only the cpu and do the test then you disable the cpu and enable GPU to do the test, take screenshots.


OK so i did the testing for the CPU and GPU separately and here are the results. Its weird but on the HWmonitor it sais 107 for the CPU but aida 64 shows much less during both stress tests. For the GPUs on both programs (aida and hwmonitor) the temperatures are more than ok i would say.

And also i took my laptop to a service for cleaning and repasting.




Its strange, Aida64 It seams to read the temps wrong, not sure. To be sure use DDU to uninstall your drivers, install the drivers that comes with the notebook or go to the manufaturer website to download them HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP® Customer Support , or you can use this Legacy , here you have two options to install, they are for your APU with the HD7000G serie GPU chipset, for your APU with HD8000 series GPU, you have this, that probably not going to work APU (Since the integrated gpu is the HD7000g and the HD8000M is the dedicated), but you can try any way, any problem use DDU in safe mode to remove the drivers.

Do some tests when you have time, and post here... but i still think that is something wrong with the thermal paste.

Maybe some moderator and technician chould help here too.

Edit: If the Aida64 is correct, everything is ok, but if the HWMonitor is the correct one, so you have a problem.


Did the DDU thing a while ago and i dont think thats the issue.

It didnt restart so far and i pushed it hard. Maybe there is a problem with the sensors. The laptop is old to, it's almost 5 years old.