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Journeyman III

AMD 270X R9 Fan Spazzing Out

Hey all,

Just put together a brand new computer (Only re-used my AMD R9 270X graphics card) and everything is working great except for one small issue.

When I'm on the computer and I'm not touching anything, its dead quite, however, as soon as I open a web page or scroll up or down, the GFX card fans starts going super loud until I stop doing what I'm doing. For instance, when I'm on my desktop and decide to open a program, the fan will get super loud for a few seconds while the app opens and then when its done loading it'll quite down.

One issue that is REALLY annoying is when I load Fornite the fan runs what sounds to be full speed and WILL NOT stop until I exit out of the game - this can be super annoying because I can't have the game running in the background while I'm doing something else because the fan is so loud and obnoxious to hear running constantly and just in general. It only does this for Fornite,  if I'm loading Counterstrike or any other game it usually will act normal.

I downloaded the newest drivers and software for this and also reseated the GFX card - I'm out of options on what to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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