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Journeyman III

All my games run poorly on my Radeon 5700XT

I got my computer last November, and up until around April, everything was running perfectly. Ever since April, Fallout 4 and Skyrim wouldn't recognize my video card. For other games, my computer flashes a black screen and they drop in quality and frames. AMD doesn't know how what's wrong or how to help, and my pc is no longer covered by HP warranty. Am I screwed until the GPU shortage is over or is there a fix and I'm just dumb

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Re: All my games run poorly on my Radeon 5700XT

We do need some more information to be able to help you with this problem.

1) graphics card temperatures under gaming load?

2) CPU temperatures under gaming load?

3) which graphics driver version are you using?
-> and how did you install this? (please describe in detail)

4) did you remove the dust from inside your PCs case and the cooling fans?
-> dust built-up can cause overheating, which leads to thermal throttling


1) Please download and run GPU-Z and post images of the first tab.

2) Then find the "?" (question mark symbol) on that tab and click on it.

3) a new window should open, with a button "start render test" - click on it

4) now switch to the "Sensors" tab of GPU-Z
-> wait at least 3 minutes (let the render test run)
-> then take a screenshot of that "Sensors" tab


--- [ CPU: Ryzen 7 3800XT | GPU: ASRock RX 5700XT Challenger Pro 8GB | driver: 21.9.1 ]
--- [ MB: MSI B550-A Pro AGESA | RAM: 2x 16GB 3600-CL16 | chipset: ]

Re: All my games run poorly on my Radeon 5700XT