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Journeyman III

Aliasing problem in my Sapphire #rx6600

My pc spec

i5 12400, Msi pro b660m-a , rx6600 , 1tb ssd , 550w psu ,75hz monitor , 8 gb single stick 3200mhz ram.

I build my pc from scratch. Everythings is new . 

My problem is I'm Aliasing. I'm getting aliasing in every single game from old to new . Changed internal game settings like fxaa, msaa. Did change from amd adrenalin but nothing significant happend. Did a clean gpu driver installition but :'(

My gaming experience is suffering a lot as well as I'm getting mentally sick cause I've invested a lot of money on my new pc.

I need a solution.

Still in high resolution and high, very high graphics , game visual is looking like **bleep** ###

Please help me out ! I may die for this issue

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