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Journeyman III

Adrenalin Software 21.6.2

So strange thing. I thought my brand new rx 6800 was DOA. I kept getting gray screen crashes in idle and games. Brand new seasonic focus plus 850 watt gold. I went through every possible wire on my computer, unplugged fans, and all sorts of stuff for weeks... still same gray screening. As of today I think I finally found the problem. I did a clean install using ddu as well, but without installing adrenalin, just the drivers. I have not had one hiccup as of yet for several hours. Im upset that I cannot use the features of adrenalin as the whole point of my amd only build was to take advantage of it, but for now I guess im ok with it just being stable. So if any of you out there have a 6800 and are experiencing gray screen crashes this is what fixed it for me.


AMD Please fix adrenalin. People are buying these cards and processors to take full advantage of a complete amd build and I feel as though I wouldve been better off with nVidia at the moment.

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