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Adrenalin Global Wattman Gets Changed By Other Games

I have the AMD Radeon VII with Windows 10 build 1903 (sometimes referred to as 19H1). I'm using the latest Adrenalin, currently 19.7.5. I have several games and apps that are listed in the Gaming tab of Adrenalin. Each of those has its own clock, voltage and fan setting. Then in Gaming -> Global Settings -> Global WattMan I have  settings that are applied to games that are not listed in the Gaming section. Specifically, I frequently use Forza Horizon 4. Repeatedly I have adjusted the clock, voltage and power limit. But if I use one of the games that is listed in the Gaming section, somehow those settings get copied over to Global WattMan. I have experienced this several times and I believe the problem started back around Adrenalin version 19.7.2.

The best I can tell is that the first time a game that is listed in the Gaming section is executed, after an update/install of Adrenalin, the settings are copied over to Global WattMan. Further uses of that same game do not change the settings. But if I use another game that is in the Gaming section for the first time after an install, the Global WattMan settings are changed again. This has gotten to the point where I always check Global WattMan before using Forza Horizon 4 to be sure my settings are correct.

Not sure if there is a fix for this. I am reporting the issue in the hopes AMD will read this and make a fix in future Adrenalin updates.

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