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Journeyman III

Adrenalin 18.2.2 won`t install completely (Clevo P570WM dual 7970M)


I do have the following issue.

Ever the since 17.7.X Version of the Readon SW im not able to upgrade the driver.

The installation fails dring the process and either leafesme with a stuck or hungup System.


Operating System:

     Win10 64bit all Updates installed


     Intel SBE 2600







SFC \ DSIM Test showed no issues

Abnormal SW:

     AMDRamdisk installed and used as system cache

No overclock applied.

All drivers are up to date, except for the Chipset ( an upgrade to the latest version makes no difference)

Issue description:

With ULPS enabled no driver installation is possible (Hangs during the driver installation itself)

     - Solution: Disable ULPS

Any driver upgrade from Versions later than 17.6.2 is not possible.

     - Driverdata is cleaned with DDU (Savemode)

     - 17.6.2 is being installed

     - ULPS is being deactivated in the registry afterwards

     - Upgrade to the latest version of the AMD Software + Driver

     ==> Installtion hangs at the level of Software (hard reset necesary;driver is installed but the readon SW is partially missing)

               - Somehow Crossfire has been activated so parts of the Software must have been Installed and working (Tested with PUBG)

               - The AMD-SW Icon is visible upon a right click on the deskstop. Once clicked an error message apears that the Programis missing QT5Widgets.dll \ Faultcode 0xc000012F (Softwareinstallation failed or Registry Key missing)

               - Reinstalling the SW is no use and alwys ends up in a stuck system.

               - Additionally the Fan of the secondary card is stuck in idle (doesn`t ramp up RPM once the card get`s hot)

I'm assuming the crossfire is the culprit in this case but without the SW Center I'm not able to deactivate it.

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