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Journeyman III

Active adatpter either DP or DVI-D, R9 280 XFX

I have a CRT monitor I want to wield as a third monitor and I have failed on first attempt by attaching an active DP to DVI-D to my card; and, but, the monitor is CRT so I added a DVI-D to VGA adapter on top of the active DP to DVI-D adapter. I think the secondary adapter muted the activeness of the first adapter. 

Well, I am looking for the right adapter that will work for a old CRT VGA monitor along with my Radeon R9 280X XFX card. An active adapter that will output either through my non VGA DVI-D port or the Display port. Basically, I need an active DVI-D (Male) to VGA (Female) adapter such as: (I am not to sure about this one just says chip rather than active)

Some other adapter were referred as the VGA being active like these two:

StarTech DVI-D to VGA Active Adapter Converter Cable -

Active Displayports I am not to sure if an active adapter might work, I say this because of a thread not specifying an active displayport to vga adapter as a solution. R9 280x Triple Monitor not working .


But here are some active DP to VGA adapter I wonder if they will work for me: 

VisionTek Mini DisplayPort to VGA Active Adapter (M/F) - 900343 - 


IOCrest Active Mini Displayport Male to VGA Female Adapter - 

...So my card does not support three legacy connections R9 280x Triple Monitor not working  but I still cant get a third monitor up after unpluging the secondary (HDMI). I have in use the VGA labeld DVI-D  port (Primary Monitor) and the HDMI. I unplug the HDMI while with my failed adapter attachment is hooked up to the monitor and GPU and I still receive no signal. I have to receive signal with all connection is place, two, and one the monitor just will not power up. Display settings windows shows the monitor when connected but no picture. And the same result with the HDMI attached. DP's work, so to the non VGA DVI-D port ( I have a DVI-D to HDMI cable I used to test the port).

I wonder what adapter will power my CRT monitor as a third display (via active DP to VGA) or at least as a secondary monitor ( via legacy connection limit).

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Journeyman III

I just want to say that my problem has been solved, I have the right adapter now. I am using a mini Displayport 1.1a to vga to run a third monitor. This adapter has enable me to have three monitors working simultaneously not one needs to be deactivated. I call this thread closed. 

Here is a link to the adapter I am now using:

God bless.