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Journeyman III

About RX6xxx multiscreen crashes


I've just managed to stop crashes and strange behaviours, so I want to share what I did wich worked for me.

Steps to reproduce: Having a RX6xxx GPU in dual screen setup with at least one high refresh screen.

That gives you crashes, freezes, etc. and it's more noticeable on newer drivers.

My solution:

Step 1: Disable browsers HW acceleration. This stoppped my computer from crashing when browsing.

Step 2: Limit refresh to 120hz (from 165). This reduced a lot other crashes, but not completely (75%?).

Step 3: Disable DPO in windows. This made the trick, over 1month now without a single crash in any circumstance.

Probably, at this point, I could enable HW for browsers again, but everything runs perfectly, so I don't want to take any chances.


I hope this could help someone.

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Journeyman III

Can't edit previous post.

There's a typo in step 3. I disabled MPO -> Multiplane Overlay.

I used a reg file provided by competitor GPU provider... seems that they have their own problems with it.