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Journeyman III

80c+ temps on my RX 570 4gb

So, my Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 570 4gb gpu is hitting around 80c+ (maxed out at 84c) while playing The Witcher 3, i even capped my framerates @60 fps (tho I cap my fps @ 60 because my monitor is only 60hz), I also set my graphics settings to medium-high, turned off AA and ambient occlusion.

I don't have this problem with any other gpu demanding games, for example, in GTA V my gpu temps only reaches 63c -70c max (with settings cranked up to high-very high), and my RX 570 is stock, no OC . Is this normal for RX 570 gpus? if not, what solution should I do?

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Adept II

Re: 80c+ temps on my RX 570 4gb

This might be just the witcher 3. It is a very demanding game, if it is the only game that is stressing your GPU this way then there’s your answer. If your card is older 5+ years it might be a dried out thermal paste issue. There are lots of guides on how to repaste a GPU if that is your problem. Also try going to a positive airflow model in your case to help get rid of that heat.

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Re: 80c+ temps on my RX 570 4gb

84C isn't actually very hot for a modern  GPU.

My RX5700xt will hit temps in excess of 100C when stressed.

Still well within specs.


Re: 80c+ temps on my RX 570 4gb

I have an ASUS RX570 8GB model. It normally sits in the Low 70s. Only see it clip 80s on over clocks in the summer months.

I find it starts throttling and mild stutters , occasional flicker of display then much more Mr Watt Man crashes and resets to standard tune... & mostly it’s MS Flight Sim that strains it..  GTA V, Forza Horizon etc. it runs a little cooler even though GPU is still 100% constant in them too.

I find 78 and lower runs smooth without issue..