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Adept I

7900 xt crashing PC when playing VR

I recently purchased a 7900 XT to upgrade my system, the only thing I have changed in my system was my old GPU (a GTX 970) however, with this new card I can no longer play VR games as it crashes my system.

When playing games like VRchat it will work fine and then shut down the entire system randomly, other games such as pavlov I get artifacts all over my screen on launch and my system will again randomly shut off (changing graphical settings does not change anything).


I have checked my temps and neither the CPU nor the GPU were overheating.


The card seems to work fine in non VR games like Escape from Tarkov however if I enable the anti-lag feature even normal games will crash.


Additionally, I tried using Stable Diffusion 2.0 with onyx (AI image generation) so that it was compatible with AMD  and the card  just screeched, soared in Usage, gave me a purple screen then shut down the PC.


My system specs are:

- 16gb (2x8gb sticks) Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM @ 3000mhz

- Intel I7 9700KF CPU

- Sapphire RX 7900 XT GPU

- Corsair CX 750 80 plus PSU

My VR headset is a Oculus Rift S



EDIT: I forgot to mention that VRchat works fine if I play it in desktop mode, its only in VR that it crashes my system



EDIT EDIT: the crashing seems to have been caused by the Radeon Overlay and the artifacting seems to have been caused by Radeon image sharpening + Anti-aliasing settings (changing just the anti-aliasing didnt fix it)


EDIT EDIT EDIT: it crashed again






2 Solutions
Adept III

Try Disable on screen overlay or RivaTuner, Msi Afterburner.

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It was the radeon image sharpening paired with Anti-aliasing settings

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Adept III

Try Disable on screen overlay or RivaTuner, Msi Afterburner.

I will try that now, will get back to you with the results.

Ok so far it hasn't crashed however there is still artifacts all over the place in Pavlov

Artifacts sounds like memory too hot or to high OC on memory, or it could be hdmi cable being bad or badly inserted into the card/monitor. You can get those artifacts from bad cable, i had it many times and as soon as i wriggled the cable it solved it or i had to replace it.


It was the radeon image sharpening paired with Anti-aliasing settings

Awesome! I'm glad you found the solution

Hey so is VR working for you normally now with the 7900 GPU? What card did you have before and can you compare performance?

It is seemingly working fine now, I had a gtx 970 before so this card is just way better for VR.

I dont really have any statistics to throw at you but it is significantly better than the 970 for VR (after working out the kinks of course)

Both of this solutions did not work for me. However, what works is to set undervolted on Adrenalin Performance section as a global configuration.

That solved crashes on non-vr games to for me. 

Adept III

The 7900 GPUs at the moment are trash for VR gaming. Nobody knows why, except for the AMD driver dev team. I don't know a single person with a 7900 GPU that has VR running normally. On my end, just starting steamvr (not having any game or even VR home running) my 7900 xt goes straight up to about 60% GPU usage. Every single one of my VR games runs like absolute trash compared to my previous card. At the moment, VR is absolutely not playable with these new cards.