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Journeyman III

75Hz reboot crash and other errors

Hi guys, recently I've finished to build my pc but I've some problem when the monitor setting are at 75hz, I've the build from less than 30 days, so I can still send everything back to amazon if is needed.


SystemWindows 10 2004Pop! Os 20.04
MotherboardASRock B550mBIOS P1.10
CPURyzen 7 3800x 
GPUXFX Radeon RX 5700xt 
RAM16(2x8gb) 4133MHz Patriot Memory Viper Steel Series DDR4 
SSDSabrent 512GB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 
PSUAsus ROG Strix 550w Gold Power Supply 

The problem:

On Windows

If I reboot the PC with the monitor setting are at 75Hz the system reboot at least 2 times after the "loading dots", so after the normal POST.
At 60Hz not reboot problem.
Always on windows, in both the monitor setting, sometimes there are some random reboot.

On POP! Os

When the monitor setting are at 75Hz(74.9Hz) all the system became really slow, like 10 second for open firefox but if try to record it everything is with the normal speed.
At 60Hz everything is at normal speed.
If I power off the system with the monitor at 75hz after pop os close everything the screen became dark green and then reboot.

What I've already tried


I've tried to use only 1 Ram, the problem persist with both of them.
Recable everything with the psu.
My troubleshoot skill end here

From the software.

I've run on windows some stress test, prime95 for the cpu and ram(everything was fine), for the furmark, heaven(no problem, no reboot or similia, even at 75hz).

I can't pinpoint the random reboot on windows, most of the time they occur just after enter in desktop and I try to open something.

I've already check how much the system consume and the psu should be fine for the job.

at this point I'm sure that I have an hardware problem, I would like only to understand which part do I need to send back.

Let me know if are needed more information