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Adept I

6950xt Performance issue

I have both the Original and red devil 6950xt and I can't get these cards to push higher then 160fps on 1440p at low settings. Is it me or do these cards have a very lack luster of performance going on. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated to help improve this card as I was expecting 240fps minimum. 

current rig


6950xt red devil

32 gskill trident ram

x570 aorus ultra Mobo

1400watt thermaltake PSU.

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Adept II

Only thing I can come up with is......

Are you using separate power cables from the PSU to the GPU, some cables can be daisy chained but this is not a good idea for power hungry cards like 6950x. You have to make sure it's getting all the power it requires from the PSU.
While in your game, bring up the performance overlay (Ctrl+Shift+O) and see what kind of wattage the card is using and how much it fluctuates, it will fluctuate as the game scenes get more or less demanding as you play.

Good Luck, I hope you find your problem.

Regards: Jack


Yes, I have made sure to have 3 separate PSU connectors supply the GPU. Wattage ranges from 200 to 380 depending on the scene. Just can't seem to push the fps. Benchmarks show a steady 240fps not sure why during gameplay I don't receive the same results.