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Adept I

6900XT white screen issue

I would like your help I have 5900X with MSI MEG ACE X570 with 6900XT Gigabyte OC with Samsung G7 27 monitor RM1000X Corsair 80+gold with 2 M2 nvme 1 ssd and 2 Hdd. And with the new drivers and suddenly and after some time while I have the afterburner open with constant switching browsers to game or twitch stream etc. I upload and download pages, a white screen appears on which I hear that I was playing without being able to make any movement, I changed the screen cable to 240 Hz, I put in Bios some setting for the 6900XT, but I don't know if GEM 3 or 4 plays a role because it had it on auto, I changed it to GEM 3 but I didn't try it to see if it gives me a white screen!! !! any idea if something else could be going on! Thanks


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