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Adept I

6900xt Radeon software control panel using 7% of cpu 24/7

Is it normal my radeon software is using 7% of my 3800x all the time, such that it is constantely boosting one core to the max
4.4-4.5 ghz just for this process, wtf!! Started checking online and this problem is old!! People suggest to create a folder radeon relive, but I already had one,

so I dont know what to do, this plus the very low fps I get, makes me want to get a refund, will wait 2 weeks thant return the card if its not fixed

Any idea how to fix this, it makes my cpu fan scream every 30 sec, its pissing me of so I have to manually end the process but I dont want to do this all the time, feels like this crappy geforce experience but the problem here is you cannot avoid it

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