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Journeyman III

6900xt hitting 110c Junction, Warranty Refused

Hi guys, I have absolutely no idea what to do. I bought a 6900xt and immediately began having issues with it. My cards junction is hitting 110 celcius in all my games  (gpu sits at 70c). This is causing throttling/crashes. I have reached out to AMD for an RMA but they are refusing to do so because I bought it through StockX. You're all aware of the gpu market, and this has been the only way to get a card for the last 6+ months. I have tried camping at microcenter, pulling all nighters, f5 spam, discord/twitter and so on. I finally caved and spent $1,800 on a card. I'm by no means well off, but gaming is my only hobby and I've had plenty of time to save up as there are no cards to buy for MSRP. Had this been bought through an authorized retailer they would honor it no problem. However it is impossible to do so, otherwise I would have happily done so. I'm so lost right now

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AMD should honor the Warranty unless you are not the original owner of the GPU card. Also you need an official Receipt of Purchase showing you as the original Owner.

Here is a copy of AMD RX6900XT Warranty PDF:

Screenshot 2021-04-21 073647.png

Screenshot 2021-04-30 064346.png

STOCKX seems to be a Ebay type website. If you purchased this GPU card from a Scalper or Bot then that is probably why AMD won't honor the Warranty since the Scalper or BOT are the original Owners and not you.

By the price you paid it looks like you purchased from a Scalper.

That’s the problem. They’re refusing to rma the card because of where I purchased it. Again there hasn’t been any other way to buy a card. 


I had a similar issue with my 6800xt, try to undervolt it and try it. The temperature whould be hitting around 105 doing it that way.


I have a XFX branded 6900xt (reference model) and it too gets up to 110 degrees Junction when being pushed.
The way I cured this is in Performance / Manual settings, I set a Custom fan curve going up to 85% fan speed.....

For the GPU frequency, I left minimum to default, I set the Maximum to 2360mhz, I set the voltage to 1130mv, I also turned on Vram Fast Timings and set the Vram frequency to 2016mhz. I left the wattage adjustment to default.

Now my 6900xt runs between 2250 to 2320mhz when pushed (VR Sim Racing), and the Junction temps has been staying right around the 70 degree mark. So far it's been running everything I throw at it flawlessly in VR.

I bought this card for VR use, I use a Valve Index or Quest-2 over link cable, it handles the higher resolution of both headsets beautifully. I've also tried a few in game 4k benchmarks with eye candy turned up and again, ran amazingly well and stayed cool with my settings.

Good luck with your 6900xt.

Regards: Jack