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Adept I

6900XT causing PC to reboot while gaming

Ever since I upgraded my gpu from 2080super to 6900xt I get random reboots when gaming. I can be fine for 3 hours and it will reboot the system without warning. At first I thought it was the psu (750w Corsair) but I upgraded that to a 1000w Corsair psu and same problem. Gpu temps stay below 85c and cpu stays below 55c. When I had my 2080 I never experienced such problems. I deleted the nvidia drivers before installing the 6900xt too.

msi z490 gaming edge wifi 

i7 10700k

corsair rm1000 psu

gigabyte 6900xt

32gb Corsair vengeance 

Any help? I don’t know what else to do to trouble shoot this, I get no warning when it reboots, when it is running it runs great. 

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