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Adept II

Re: 6900XT causing PC to reboot while gaming

I get the same random reboots whilst gaming COD MW/WZ....

I've tried just about everything on this forum and plenty more...  

Firstly my System Specs:

Mother Board: ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Wi-Fi (BIOS 2201)


CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800x

32GB - 2x16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 3200MHZ

XFX RX 6900 XT Merc Speedster 319 Black

Samsung 980 Pro M.2 NVME 1TB

Antec High Current Gamer Gold 850W (80+ Gold Certified) PSU

Corsair H150i AIO Liquid Cooler

3x Gamdias Intake Fans in the Front and 1x Corsair ML120 Pro for the rear with the other 2x Corsair ML120 Pro on the AIO Liquid Cooler

The Latest News:

I've removed all Adrenaline Software Suite using DDU and only installed the 21.3.2 driver also tried only with the 21.4.1 driver, but still run into the occasional random reboot...

On reboot the VGA light of the Motherboard stays lit with 3 sounding beeps until I switch of the PC using the power button and then again to turn it on. 

Everything starts normally and the Event Viewer doesn't have a boot error code...  

I'm now testing the DCOM setting as well as I'm despite what has been mentioned on the forum to turn of DCOM Settings...

I've monitored Temps just before a typical crash - using TechPowerUp GPU-Z (see below)

GPU Clock [MHz] - 2389.0 MHz

Memory Clock [MHz] - 1988.0 MHz

GPU Temperature [°C] - 58.0 °C

GPU Temperature (Hot Spot) [°C] - 110.0 °C

Fan Speed (%) [%] - 75%

Fan Speed (RPM) [RPM] -  2501 RPM

GPU Load [%] - 98%

Memory Controller Load [%] - 51%

Memory Used (Dedicated) [MB] - 9143 MB

Memory Used (Dynamic) [MB] - 1337 MB

GPU Chip Power Draw [W] - 262.0 W

GPU Voltage [V] - 1.118 V

CPU Temperature [°C] - 77.3 °C

System Memory Used [MB] - 11756 MB

I don't see that the 110.0 °C Hot Spot temp as a problem as the Card's BIOS should handle clock speeds at those temps, besides the GPU (Edge) temps are 58.0 °C

I've had another 850W PSU unit and don't think it is this either.

Running Windows 10 Home 20H2 with all latest patches.

The only other software I'm running is ESET Internet Security/Anti Virus but the reboots occurred even when this was not installed.

Reloading Windows also doesn't do the trick.

Any other ideas ? 

Adept I

Re: 6900XT causing PC to reboot while gaming


I have the exact same issue.


I traded my previous RX 6800 (which I had it for 4 weeks) for a new Reference AMD 6900 XT and the system keeps randomly rebooting while gaming (specially when starting a game moving into a full screen mode). It has rebooted 16 times since I got it 6 days ago. Even viewer indicated Radeon adrenaline SW caused the crash. I reverted May latest drivers to January drivers and and frequency of crashed decreased but still happens. Default adrenaline overclocking or not makes not difference.

G** D*** it AMD, fix your drivers. Stop hiring cheap developers in some third world country for God Sakes.

I can't wait to grab a RTX and resale this cards. Such a shame; great hardware, junk software.

Adept II

Re: 6900XT causing PC to reboot while gaming

Hi All,

OK, so just a follow up on my post from yesterday... 

Disabled DCOM under dcomcnfg and whalla! The problem has disappeared....



I also made one other change in COD MW/WZ and that is to disable "Dynamic Resolution" or bother setting the "Target Framerate"

It seems to be geared towards NVidia DLSS rather than working on AMD GPU's cards. 

Going to re-install the Adrenaline Software Suite and try some testing again.

I can still report a GPU Hotspot Temps, sometimes going as high as 112 °C and average GPU Load is between 95-99 %

Let me know what your experience is... Do try Disabling DCOM first...

Adept II

Re: 6900XT causing PC to reboot while gaming

this doesn't work(Disabling DCOM), reboots  all the time even with that disabled... Especially when playing Apex Legends. Warzone last a bit longer while playing but it still reboots. Tried new driver as well (21.5.1). No changes. This is ridiculous.

Adept II

Re: 6900XT causing PC to reboot while gaming

I get less reboots, however, with recent updates. I've noticed if I have more than one monitor attached to the card will cause reboots. 


At the moment I'm using pass-through. 

Meaning I've connected my displays to my motherboard. Instead of directly to the card. Depending on your hardware that may or may not be possible for some. 

I had to make a change in my BIOS, OS and.application. If you don't do this it will just default back into the the card for display is plugged into. Im simply just trying to survive.. until I can get a NVIDIA.


**From a devs perspective this seems to be an ongoing problem,  it would seem in this forum and it's starting to look like there is a disgruntled employee in the development section at AMD. It's 2020 not 1996 problems like this, shouldnt be like this!

However I've noticed some people do not even have the problem, so I'm wondering if it's it's a motherboard incompatibility issue or again just coded incorrectly. It really does seem like the latter. Or simply a cooling issue? As intensive tasks seems to take it offline. I'd be curious to know if anyone with water cooling experiences similar issues


Adept II

Re: 6900XT causing PC to reboot while gaming

So after some thorough testing again... going back to Driver 21.3.2 and also the same with 21.4.1 as well as 21.5.1 the issue popped up again...

Disabling DCOM doesn't solve the issue for good, definitely less reboots, but not gone completely...

Disabling the "Dynamic Resolution" and "Target Framerate" in Call of Duty MW/WarZone seems to be one portion that improves it as well...

There is something else wrong!

Could be a compatibility issue as @Tazryder mentioned with the motherboard. 

I'm running the ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Wifi with Beta BIOS 2201...

Another thought is the that when Enabling SAM (Smart Access Memory) or aka. Resizable BAR Support for those extra frames, it actually crashes more often than not...

To enable SAM go to to your BIOS (in ASUS) it is as follows:

"Advanced" > "PCI Subsystem Settings" > "Above 4G Decoding" - Set to "Enabled"

"Advanced" > "PCI Subsystem Settings" > "Re-Size BAR Support" - Set to "Enabled" (note, this setting only shows up when "Above 4G Decoding" is enabled)

"Boot" > "CSM Compatibility" > "Disabled"

Disabling it again, doesn't take the reboot's away completely though...  So what else could it be?  I really doubt it is overheating on either GPU or CPU as I've monitored these.  The GPU Hotspot die has a cut-off temperature limit of 118 °C and this is never hit.  The CPU has a cut-off temperature of 90 °C, so this can't be it.

Perhaps it is the Driver, or perhaps the card itself is the issue, not this specific card, but the RX 6900 XT in general. 

Hate to need to go to NVidia if we can't get a resolution...

Adept II

Re: 6900XT causing PC to reboot while gaming

Have you tried removing all the connections to THE ATI card. Connecting your display to your onboard/motherboard display connector. 


Then telling the application/game to use the ATI via the software settings?

Adept II

Re: 6900XT causing PC to reboot while gaming

Ok, an update again...  

@Tazryder so I'm unable to boot when connecting the DisplayPort directly into the Motherboard, so not sure how this is configured an ASUS motherboard, but I've decided to rather look at the PSU, perhaps that could be the solution to your problem as well...

I’m getting a 1200 Watt Power Supply, that allows 30A on single Rail 3.3V @ 150Watts.

“that’s overkill” you say.  Well I’m fed up!, ‘pointing at my throat’

I’ll be testing with a Corsair HX 1200 Watts PSU.  From the thread below, I can only deduce it to the Power Spikes of the GPU on normal high current Multi Rail Power Supplies typical has an overload/overcurrent/underload/undercurrent and/or short circuit protection and this does sound like my problem....  No events in EventViewer other than “power failure” no “BSOD”, no overheating warnings etc.

Here is the link:

Will test this for a week or so and then let you know my results...

Adept II

Re: 6900XT causing PC to reboot while gaming

Ok, so installed the Corsair HX 1200 Watt 80+ Platinum PSU that allows 100A on single Rail 12V = 1200 Watts. 

However it wasn't even 15 minutes into a game with my shiny new PSU and boom, reboot again.  I then tried again, and probably another 10 minutes it rebooted again...

So, I know when I got the PSU there was a manual switch, being it not the HXi (digital) model I was able to switch from single rail to multi-rail through this switch.  (the HXi version can be switched to multi-rail "mode" through the Corsair software).

I was able to play continuously for over 3 hours without a reboot.

So now here comes my questions as I was under the impression that single-rail is much "cleaner" power compared to a multi rail...

On this Corsair HX 1200 Watt PSU, it has 8x total multi-rails with a OCP (Over Current Protection) of 40A on each 12V rail. and the single rail "mode" has 1x rail with a OCP of 100A on the single 12V rail.

Does it mean that if you were to connect 2x PCIe cables to your GPU you should effectively get a protection of 2x 40A = 80A on the GPU? and then a further additional 1x 40A for the CPU, 2x 40A for the MB and the rest 3x 40A for the rest of the peripherals?  Why would it be "more" stable in multi-rail "mode" compared to single-rail "mode"?

My previous Antec High Current Gaming 850W 80+Gold is a single rail PSU allowing OCP of 70A on the single 12V rail.

Why was that "more" stable compared to the Corsair HX 1200, which has a single rail "mode allowing OCP of 100A on the single 12V rail?

Perhaps there is something else at work here?  And the more important question, why doesn't the GPU BIOS / GPU Driver or even Motherboard BIOS or something else address the problem of allowing "too much" current when in single-rail "mode"?  As this is my only conclusion to the issue at hand...

Adept I

Re: 6900XT causing PC to reboot while gaming

I have the same problem with my 6900xt. I got back into apex and after at most an hour my PC restarts but I get a black screen. I have to have it powered off for like an hour before I can boot it up and use it again. I reset the bios, and turned my gpu MHz down to 2250 instead of the 2530 it was at for default. It seemed to help a bit, for me the issue seems to be if the junction temp starts gettting above 80°C. This started to happen just after a gou bios update and was fine before that. It's not memory, I've tried it with one stick on multiple occasions and it still crashes. It find it hard to believe 4 sticks went bad.

Rog crosshair viii hero x570

Ryzen 3800x

32gb of g.skill ram (8gbx4)


1000w super flower 80+ platinum.